About Wyoming Simulation Center

The Wyoming Simulation Center is a state-of-the art simulation center made possible by a unique partnership  between Sheridan College and Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

Our center features a 6 bed patient ward with nursing station, functioning med room with Pyxis, 2 high-fidelity rooms and a 24 seat classroom environment. Our high-fidelity rooms are video/audio wired for capturing events to assist in the debriefing process post scenario.

Nurses-Station-300x200Hospital-Unit-11-300x200Why Simulation? Simulation is a guided education technique that recreates a clinical environment and gives the learner exposure to high-risk scenarios without putting actual patients at risk. Learners practice on high-fidelity manikins that appropriately respond physiologically to the selected treatment.

Wyoming Simulation Center Equipment

Simulators: WSC houses Noelle & Hal our birthing simulator and her newborn infant. SimMan3G can easily be programmed to run a custom scenario or he can run a programmed scenario. The complexity of these scenarios is limited only by your imagination. SimBaby and SimNewbie are also available and can be programmed to run a custom scenario or a pre-programmed scenario. WSC also houses a wide range of VitalSim manikins that are perfect for gaining experience in multi-tasking and prioritizing care for multiple patients.


Baby Hal



Vital Sim